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Mi 2. Juni 2004 10-17h

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Stoyan Kostadinov

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Hands on' Stream Studio

Free Bitflows Workshop. Einführung in die Open Source Streaming Plattform StreamStudio

Eine Veranstaltung im Rahmen von Free Bitflows. Voranmeldung erwünscht, aber nicht Voraussetzung. Die Veranstaltung wird in englischer Sprache abgehalten.

The workshop enables direct experience with innovative Open Source streaming solutions. It will demonstrate a series of practical streaming scenarios and explained how they can be realized most effectively with free and Open Source Software.

Stoyan Kostadinov (BG)
Kostadinov is a certified software developer interested in video streaming solutions and open source. He has been working in an LA-based wireless development company since 2000.

StreamStudio is an open source frontend for the FFMpeg/FFServer multimedia system. It aims at making it easier for people without command line skills to configure the multimedia server for live and on-demand webcasts. It features a nice and easy to use QT based interface. User defined server profiles are also supported. It also features the possibility to archive multiple live streams as well as convert files from one format/codec to another.

StreamStudio can be regarded as both technological know-how and a product. It is an open source based platform for Internet streaming of various types of audio-visual media. It is a tested and continuously improving technology, it comes with absolutely no licensing and software costs.


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